Biden Lied, Middle America Died

In the wake of overreaching and tyrannical lockdowns and business closure mandates, many once self-employed people are searching for jobs, praying they can hold onto their homes, their cars, and simply provide food for their kids. It’s completely devastating, particularly in Democratically controlled states and cities.

If you’re one of those people looking for a job, you may have noticed all of the federal government postings for IRS agents now being sought after. The Biden administration intends to add an unprecedented amount of federal tax cops. Why would there be such a need?

To answer that question, we must first look at the executive orders and tax legislation already signed and ready to be tabled in just the first five days of Biden’s presidency. After going through the list, you’ll understand the need for more bodies. They need to make certain you’re paying your ‘fair share’. 

The talking points from the left are incredibly reassuring for middle-class Americans as radical leftist representatives continuously tell us that the Biden tax increases are only meant for the rich. The propaganda-spreading imbeciles like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon over at CNN will double down on that rhetoric, spewing falsehoods and outright lies. They’ll do it with a straight face and knowingly spread disinformation on a national platform without any moral consequence, shame or guilt. 

The Biden tax plan is absolutely crippling to every American, and you should know that the back-breaking burden is soon to hit you, right here in middle-class America. Nobody is an exception, and the irreparable damage and pain it will inflict will be devastating to all of us right now, and even more so for our kids and grandchildren in future generations. 

President Jimmy Carter may have been the worst president in the history of our country, and he lost his reelection bid due to a capital gains tax that would be due immediately upon inheriting stocks, property, other investments, or cash from your parents when they pass away. This was an insane proposal and Carter was rejected by Americans as a result of his crushing right hook to the jaw of the taxpayers in our country. 

Biden is right behind him, and if he gets his way, we will be turning back the clock. Let me break this down for you. If the number is 49%, this would mean that if your mom and dad paid their house off, and it’s valued at $250,000, you would immediately owe the federal government $122,500. Not when you sell it, not if you refinance it – immediately upon the tragic loss of your beloved parents, you would be required to stroke the check. If dad was a good investor, which didn’t make much of an effort during the Trump administration’s upward blast to the economy, it’s likely that any investment portfolio you may inherit will have seen quite the gain. If mom or dad originally invested $20,000, and the investment is now worth $100,000, that’s a gain of $80,000, right? Yep, be ready to stroke a check, immediately, for $39,200. But the tax plan only affects the rich, right?

We all know what happens if you can’t afford to cut a tax check when the government says you owe. Ask Al Capone, Wesley Snipes, Pete Rose, and Martha Stewart.

The assault on middle-class America is here. This isn’t a long-term dream for this administration. It’s now, and it’s an overt, right out in the open, full-scale war being waged on any remaining self-sufficient citizens that don’t currently rely on the government to stay alive. Biden and his radical cronies are here to choke you out and suffocate the life of our economy forcing business owners to become former business owners, those who have become accustomed to providing for their families will be fast-tracked to the soup kitchen lines reaching a hand up to the administration begging for a handout. This is the ultimate form of forced compliance through poverty control.

The corporate profit tax isn’t just for Target, Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot. It isn’t restricted to Fortune 500 companies that nobody ever pays attention to, except for the noticeable increase in product pricing… This tax is full spectrum. Under a Biden administration, every business owner is going to be required to pay the increased profit tax, which includes your family-owned business, restaurant, deli, bar, barbershop, or hardware store. Your online business, your recording studio, your multi-level marketing profit. All of it. Yes, he lied. Weird, right? Millions of small businesses have already been closed permanently due to the required government shutdowns in the name of health and safety. The ones that remain will be targeted with catastrophic taxes and overregulation. This is what this administration has announced, and this is what they stand for. This is the progressive agenda, and it’s not pretty.

The Obamacare individual mandate tax is back on the table, and Biden is expected to make it law, by executive action, which will be another swipe of the pen that he can add to his record-shattering unprecedented 30 executive actions already signed in his first 5 days. 

Along with pissing in the face of our northern neighbors in Canada by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, ridding of thousands of well-paying jobs, and exponentially increasing the price of refined fuel, Biden is going to come after the price of fuel at the pump even more aggressively with a carbon tax. Yep, if you drive a gasoline consuming vehicle, be ready to pay up.

The First Amendment is gone. We’ve highlighted that on my show many times, and it’s been proven fact through the high tech censorship of anyone that disagrees with progressives, not limited to shadow banning, but the total deletion of entire social platforms. Ask Parler how they’re doing. 

The muzzling of America isn’t limited to masks, social media, and mainstream cables propaganda machines like MSNBC and the Soros-funded broadcast networks. Now, you can’t even ‘walkaway’ from the Democrats without the threat of arrest. Ask Brandon Straka. 

With the First Amendment gone, some have said never give up the Second. We interviewed Brandon Tatum on my program just last week, when the former cop, co-founder of BLEXIT, and founder of the Tatum Report said it’s difficult to drag us to a FEMA camp if .223, .556 and .308 rounds are flying by their heads. That’s true, but what if the assault isn’t really on the Second Amendment? What if it becomes a tax issue?

If Joe Biden gets his way, that’s exactly what will happen in order to force your compliance with firearm ownership, or the lack thereof. The Biden administration is pushing for legislation that will require you to fill out a 13-page questionnaire, complete with fingerprints, which will require you to document every firearm that you have possession of, detailing the list with serial numbers, cost, date of acquisition, and where you made the purchase. Then, Biden is coming after your pocketbook. Each gun will be subject to a $200 tax, required to be paid immediately. If you own 10 guns, that’s 2 grand. You can do the math. I have several friends with over 40 guns, and they’re bracing for an $8,000 bill at the end of this year if Biden isn’t checked by…. well…. the Democratically controlled radical body of Congress. And don’t try to lie. Remember that growing list of IRS agents I told you about? Yea, Joe will make sure there are enough bodies to audit your arsenal and make certain you pay up, or be subject to criminal arrest and prosecution, fines, and jail.

So while the fake news media continues to spew lies handed to them by the Communists in the White House and throughout the rest of our federal government; while they tell you that middle America will not be affected by increased taxes, your Second Amendment will remain intact, transparency is key and we will all be blessed by the spirit of unity from this president, stick with me. The truth lives here, and I’ll never be afraid to report it. 

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