REPORT: Trump to Meet with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy in Florida This Week

Trump is expected to meet with GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) this week in Florida, according to various report

Kevin McCarthy has been a vocal defender of President Trump and voted to reject Joe Biden’s electors from Pennsylvania on January 6 — however, the GOP leader came out and said left-wing protesters were not involved in the Capitol riot, despite reports to the contrary.



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McCarthy did not vote to impeach Trump a few weeks ago however he didn’t really push back on traitor Liz Cheney after she voted “yes” to impeach.

McCarthy simply said he “has concerns” but supports Cheney.

“She took a position as a Number 3 member in the conference; she never told me ahead of time,” McCarthy told Greta Van Susteren in an interview last week.

No other details of Trump’s tentative meeting with McCarthy were provided.

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