Melania Creates Post-White House Office at Mar-a-Lago

melania trump has her hand over her heart

Former first lady Melania Trump has created a post-White House office at her Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, retaining three people from her Washington staff to maintain her “Be Best” children-based initiative, CNN reported.

Hayley D’Antuono, who served for four years as the former first lady’s director of operations and trip supervisor, will serve as Trump’s chief of staff, East Wing staff assistant Mary “Casey” Finzer will act in an administrative and operational role, and White House volunteer senior adviser Marcia Kelly also will be part of the team, sources told CNN.

The report comes two days after former President Donald Trump announced he had established the Office of the Former President at Mar-a-Lago, where the Trumps moved after leaving the White House.

Staff members are at times working remotely, and Melania Trump is looking for separate office space in the Palm Beach area, CNN said, citing the anonymous sources.

“Be Best” is a campaign focused on childhood well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse.

Concerned children often turn to “bullying, drug addiction, or even suicide,” Melania Trump expressed “as adults, we can and should ‘be best’ at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life.”

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